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Month Archive: September 2022

Experience the Kansas City Fall Parade of Homes with Syler Construction

Fall 2022 KC Parade of Homes with Syler Construction

The 2022 Kansas City Fall Parade of Homes is starting up once more, and at Syler Construction, we couldn’t be more excited to showcase some of our exceptional home designs as the event gets underway. Whether you’re looking to move to the Greater Kansas City area, are a first-time homebuyer or are simply interested in […] Read More »

The Growth of Commercial Properties in the City of Kearney

Syler Commercial Properties in Kearney, MO

At Syler Construction, Inc. our services range from crafting expertly designed residential homes to high-quality commercial properties in order to best serve the larger demographic of individuals within the Greater Kansas City area—no matter what their construction needs are. As a true leading force within the world of commercial construction we know that our services, […] Read More »