Syler Construction General Construction


Although Syler Construction, has been involved in new construction for many years, a significant portion of our business has involved renovating existing properties. A project may simply involve renewing a tired space, re-configuring or fitting a property for a new use, a complete restoration or modernization of a project. Syler Construction has successfully assembled the right team or professionals to handle every phase of the project from concept to completion.

We design the best possible configuration for a pre-determined footprint, that takes into consideration the end-user's ultimate use of space and maximizes the effectiveness of each new area created. This requires expertise and skill that can only come from years of experience. Syler Construction selects team members for each project based on strict criteria determined by the requirements of a particular job, then oversees the design phase relying heavily on our years of experience to designate the appropriate materials and construction methods to be used. Only by using this team approach can optimal results be achieved without overspending.

Navigating the maze of the approval process is, at best, frustrating, but if not properly controlled, the results can be disastrous. From the initial site plan to the final occupancy certificate, proper planning and meticulous presentation are critical. By keeping the channels for dialog and interaction open and monitoring each step of the process, Syler Construction can keep your dream project from turning into a nightmare; and because we'll be involved with every aspect of the construction, right down to the delivery of keys to the finished project, Syler Construction can often avoid many of the incidentals that cause delays, and ultimately create extra cost.

When ever an existing space must be renovated, there exists the possibility that things are not as they initially appeared. In other words, it is all too often an occurrence such as opening up a wall "opens up a can of worms". Here it is vitally important that honesty, expertise and communication are present. As soon as a potential problem is discovered, our team will analyze it, determine the most cost effective way to address it, and communicate the situation to the Owner. By treating every unexpected situation in this manner, Syler Construction has earned a reputation for exceptional communication and skillful problem solving. We have developed a long list of extremely satisfied clients, and an invaluable group of repeat customers.

Remodeling and Customer Service

  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Car Dealerships
  • Small Industrial
  • Decks, Trellis, Retaining Walls, Patio's, Stamp Concrete, etc.